So I’ve decided to try this writing blog posts business again. New plan this time – keep it short, keep it simple, make it good enough that when somebody see’s it that it is worth their attention. Those seem like reasonable goals, or rather some of them do at least.

2 out of 3 ain’t bad I guess.

I’ve got a few ideas what to do with this. Last time I focused on some of the technical aspects behind photography – how cameras work, why batteries are not as effective when they are cold, that sort of thing. It all got a bit boring and writing it was a kind of a pain in the ass (though doing all the research for it was quite enjoyable).

So I think I’m going to concentrate on the thing I love doing – taking pictures. Probably ramble on about that for a bit in these posts, maybe post a few guides on how I do certain things, but keep it simple, personal, and focus on my journey through photography.

So welcome, and I hope you enjoy.

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