Saving Private Tigers (or just Tigers)

I had intended to do a few of these type of conservation theme posts – why it’s important to save animals from extinction, facts about deforestation and the impact on tigers, and so on. But there’s loads of people far more qualified then I am to speak to that. Instead I’m going to share one very cool fact about tigers.

Were you aware that a tigers roar contains sound at and below a frequency of 18hz? It’s called infrasound and it can penetrate buildings, foliage, and travel great distances.

Ok great – why does any of that matter?

Because sound at that frequency can cause a temporary paralysis. Yes that’s right, a tigers roar is not only intimidating, but it’s also paralyzing. Paralyzingly awesome… Look it up (somewhere other then here obviously) it’s pretty amazing.

Good news for all the scardy cats out there though – we’ve managed to kill off 97% of the wild tigers in the world. So the chances of you or your kids hearing one roar in the wild are pretty much non-existent at this point, and that’s pretty much due to poaching and destruction of their habitat.

So what can you do about this? Well like so many other things it comes down to education, awareness, and money.

The world wildlife fund has a lot more information about this, and it’s presented in a much more intelligible format then whatever I’m doing here with this post – I’ll link it below. Take a few minutes and read it, and if you can donate then please do so. If you can’t then there are other ways to help. Heck even having a conversation with someone to about this issue can help. If we are all only separated from each other (and Kevin Bacon) by six degrees then it really won’t take much to raise more global awareness of this issue.

As promised here’s the link to the world wildlife fund site for tigers.

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