Google Photos

So not a huge fan of Google these days. I think they are pretty shady far as data privacy. But credit where is due, the memories feature of Google photos is pretty great.

I try to use my Sony camera whenever I can, but quite often it’s just not practical or possible to carry a camera with me (my workplace for example does not allow cameras onsite) so after work I’m limited to my cell phone camera, and even just walking around the house I always have my phone but rarely my camera.

So when I snap a few goofy pictures of my dogs and forget I took them it’s really nice to have an app that will remind me a year later.

It’s also nice when it reminds you of that trip you took with your friends 10 years ago (although that’s usually accompanied by depression at the realization that 10 years have passed.)

That’s all for your random thoughts on a Thursday.

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