Dogs and Legacy

So I was watching Bob’s Burgers tonight and the Amelia Earhart episode came on, where Louie has to pick her hero and make a presentation about why that person is her hero.

It got me thinking about legacies and what people leave behind. Some people invent things, some people write books, some people have kids, some do all of these things… I’ve got a few patents working their way through the application process (nothing super fancy or terribly interesting), I’m not much of a writer (as you can tell from this blog), I don’t have kids, and my photography? Well it’s a fun hobby, but I can’t see any image I’ve created really lasting ages and ages.

Then I looked over on the couch and saw my goofball dog Bear. He’s lying on the couch just cuddled up to me relaxing and enjoying his evening. Then I got to thinking, what about a dogs legacy. Who remembers them after they are gone. Sure there are some dogs like Balto and Laika that become famous, but most dogs aren’t famous.

When I get home from work everyday Bear runs to to me screaming and howling and prancing and just losing his mind with excitement. It’s just the best feeling to come home and be greeted by that (my other dog Blue is similarly excited, but her excitement is focused on the biscuit tin). Then Bear stays by my side the rest of the evening.

That’s what matters most to Bear: being with the people he cares about. He’s happy and that makes me happy. Will anybody know about Bear in 100 years? Not likely. Will anybody remember his crazy excited howls? Not likely.

Does it matter?


Cause he’s happy in that moment, and I’m happy, and I think that’s enough.

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