A List of Projects

I was thinking (I know we’re already off to a bad start right there) that given my last post about motivation that it might be worthwhile to list out the projects that I still want to accomplish this year.

  • Get a decent portrait of my dogs (Blue and Bear). Dogs are tricky, at least for me, and mine in particular love to run either away from me or directly towards me when they see my camera. I’m a big fan of those images where the dogs are catching the treat in midair, so I want to continue to try and capture something in that particular style.
  • I’ve got some Star Wars figurines that I want to try and get some action shots of. Most notably I have an ATAT driver figurine that I want to image in front of a tank that’s parked in front of the local VFW hall. I also have Aurra Sing that I thought would be neat to capture in my flower garden.
  • I keep a list of recipes that I want to try and make, and then shoot. The top two on the list: Beef Stroganoff and Black Bean Tacos. I’ll post the recipes on here when I make them.
  • I want to get better at portraits. I don’t do very much of that at all, mostly cause my wife hates it when I take her picture – maybe I’ll try bribing her.
  • As previously mentioned, there is a WW2 tank at the local VFW. I want to go get some shots of that. I’ve also located an old steam engine outside my parks and rec department that I want to go shoot.
  • Finally, I purchased a star tracker this year. The intent was to use it for the eclipse, but that did not work out and I’ve always wanted to get some really nice images of the night sky. So that’s on the list for sure.

I’ve got some longer term projects in mind as well, but that’s the short list. Hopefully posting it here will keep me focused and accountable (I suspect it will).

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