So you got a camera. But now what? How do you find stuff to take photo’s of? Photography opportunities rarely present themselves, you have to go out and find them!

The short answer to google things that you are interested in which are in your local area. Sounds easy enough right? Well it kinda is, but also once in a while some information just drops right into your lap – which is what happened to me yesterday. I opened an envelope from my insurance company, expecting it to be renewal forms for next year, and inside it I found a 2023 Michigan Calendar of Events.

So what I’ve chosen to do is take the information contained within that calendar (as well as a few other sources) and organize that here. Not saying that I’m planning on going to all of these – who has that kind of time, right? But there are definitely some options.


1/1/23: New Year’s Resolution Run – Ludington, Michigan.

1/5/23: Ultimate Fishing Show – Novi, Michigan

1/6/23: Tahquemenon Country Sled Dog Race – Newberry, Michigan

1/6/23: Bridal Show – Grand Rapids, Michigan

1/6/23: Snow-X Snowmobile Races – Mancelona, Michigan

1/7/23: Winter Market – Holland, Michigan

1/7/23: Yankee Springs Winter Challenge – Middleville, Michigan

1/7/23: Sno-X Snowmobile Races – Mancelona, Michigan

1/14/23: Boat Show – Detroit, Michigan

1/14/23: Antique, Vintage & Classic Snowmobile Show – Hale, Michigan

1/14/23: Vintage Snowmobile Races – Gladwin, Michigan

1/19/23: Camper, Travel, & RV Show – Grand Rapids, Michigan

1/20/23: Hale Yes Winterfest – Hale, Michigan

1/20/23: Remodeling & New Homes Show – Grand Rapids, Michigan

1/20/23: Tip Up Town USA – Houghton Lake, Michigan

1/20/23: Fire & Ice Festival – Rochester, Michigan

1/21/23: Winter Market – Holland, Michigan

1/21/23: Ode to Snow Run – Holly, Michigan

1/21/23: Vintage Snowmobile Race – Lakeview, Michigan

1/21/23: Sno-X Snowmobile Race – Mancelona, Michigan

1/24/23: Great Lakes Trade Show – Lansing, Michigan

1/25/23: Zehnder’s Snowfest – Frankenmuth, Michigan

1/26/23: Winterfest – Grand Haven, Michigan

1/27/23: Tip Up Town USA – Houghton Lake, Michigan

1/27/23: Chilly Fest – Port Huron, Michigan

1/27/23: Midwest Ride In – Elk River, Michigan

1/28/23: Winter Fest – Coldwater, Michigan

1/28/23: Winter Beer Fest – St. Joseph, Michigan

1/28/23: Vintage Snowmobile Races – St. Charles, Michigan

1/28/23: Shadowfest – Charlevoix, Michigan

1/28/23: Winter Bridal Show of West Michigan – Grand Rapids, Michigan

1/28/23: Kids & Family Expo – Grand Rapids, Michigan

1/28/23: Vintage Snowmobile Race – Whittemore, Michigan

1/28/23: Snowmobile Race – Lakeview, Michigan

1/30/23: I-500 Snowmobile Race – Sault, Ste. Marie, Michigan

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