Well, it’s now December and this is usually the time of year that I start to look for a new photography challenge to try and complete in the coming year. Even though I always seem to get busy and never end up finishing them, they are still fun to look through and can be a great way to find some creative inspiration, break out of a rut, or even learn some new skills.

So it’s pretty easy to find these types of challenges nowadays – you can just go to Pinterest and search for “Photography Challenges” and you will find a plethora of them – honestly it’s crazy how many of them there are and you can find one for every time frame you want to look at – 30 days, 52 week, monthly… Or you can make your own, which is what I have done below. (BTW: If you would like to join me in this challenge just leave me a note in the comments!)

photography challenge for 2023

So you will notice that I’ve broken these down into a few categories and color coded them accordingly:

GreenCompositional Techniques: Pretty straightforward, capture an image utilizing this technique.
BlueLighting Techniques: Similar to the compositional techniques – capture an image utilizing this lighting technique.
OrangePhotography Styles, Theme, or Object: Capture an image that either directly reflects that weeks challenge or causes the view to think of that weeks challenge – Beach, for example, could be a picture taken at the beach or it could just be a picture of a beach towel. Huzzah for creative freedom!
RedEmotions: (Probably the most difficult). This could be capturing an image that causes the viewer to feel that emotion, or it could be capturing an image of someone or something experiencing that emotion).

My thought process behind the order of the challenges was that earlier in the project it’s best to review and practice the foundational concepts of composition and lighting, then once those have been “mastered” you can apply them to specific themes and styles. The exception to this is “Week 7: Snow” which is scheduled earlier in the year in order to ensure the highest chance of there actually being snow.

The project culminates in capturing images that cause the viewer to feel some of the core emotional states – which I would consider to be the most difficult part of the project, so those were left for the end so that all of the skills learned in prior weeks can be applied to the creation of those images.

Additionally the challenges for each week are somewhat generic in description, the intent of that is to not inhibit creativity in fulfilling the weeks challenge. “Work” for example, to some people this might mean taking a photo of a persons job, while for others it might be read as ‘force applied over distance’ and this could be a photo of lifting an object, or walking up stairs.

One additional note, “Week 38: Photoshop” is not intended to be a picture of the software, or of someone using the software (though that’s certainly valid), but for that week pick any photo that you have taken and go online and learn a new photo manipulation technique and apply it to that photo. Just go wild with it!

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