Finding Your Voice in Street Photography: 10 Tips for Developing Your Own Unique Style

Taking good street photographs is not an easy task. It requires skills, patience, and a bit of luck. In this blog post, I will share with you some tips and tricks on how to take good street photography genre photos.

  1. Be inconspicuous

The key to good street photography is to blend in with the surroundings. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself or make people uncomfortable. Wear clothes that are inconspicuous and comfortable, and try to blend in with the crowd. Use a small camera or a camera phone so that you don’t attract attention.

  1. Find the right location

Choosing the right location is crucial for good street photography. Look for places where people congregate, such as markets, train stations, and busy streets. The more people there are, the more opportunities you will have to capture candid moments. Try to find locations that are visually interesting and have good lighting.

  1. Shoot in black and white

Street photography is all about capturing the mood and atmosphere of the street. Black and white can help you focus on the subject and create a timeless feel to your images. It also removes the distraction of color and helps you focus on composition and lighting. I’d strongly recommend shooting in color and converting to black and white using post processing.

  1. Use a fast shutter speed

Street photography often involves capturing people on the move, so you need to use a fast shutter speed to freeze the action. A shutter speed of at least 1/250th of a second is recommended. If you’re shooting in low light, you may need to increase your ISO to get a faster shutter speed.

  1. Look for interesting characters

Street photography is all about capturing the people and characters of the street. Look for interesting faces, unique fashion, or quirky personalities. Don’t be afraid to approach people and ask for their permission to take their photo.

  1. Experiment with angles

Don’t just shoot from eye level. Experiment with different angles and perspectives to create more dynamic and interesting images. Try shooting from a low angle or from above. This will give your photos a unique and different look.

  1. Be patient

Good street photography takes time and patience. Don’t rush or force the shot. Wait for the right moment and be ready to capture it. Keep your camera close at hand and be ready to take the shot when the opportunity arises.

  1. Look for light and shadows

Light and shadows play a crucial role in street photography. Look for interesting shadows, reflections, and patterns created by the light. This can add depth and dimension to your images. Pay attention to the direction of light and use it to create dramatic and moody images.

  1. Tell a story

Good street photography should tell a story. Look for moments that capture the essence of the street and the people who inhabit it. Try to create a narrative with your images and capture a range of emotions and moods.

  1. Practice, practice, practice, and then practice some more!

The more you practice street photography, the better you will become. Take your camera with you wherever you go and shoot as much as possible. Don’t be discouraged by failed shots or rejections from people. Keep shooting and experimenting, and you will eventually develop your own unique style and approach.

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