So I turned 37 last week and I had an idea – a picture a day for a year. Nothing super creative, nothing crazy with post processing, just a photo a day to show what I do each day.

So here we go.

Day 4 – A picture of my dog Blue. She’s an really nice and sweet dog, but she’s very spoiled and greedy. This is one of the faces she makes when she wants me to go get her a treat.

Day 3 – I needed to work on a photo assignment for my camera club “Farm Animals” so I went to Wolcott Mill and took some pictures of farm animals. This isn’t one of the pictures I’m going to submit, but I like this little lamb cause he looks really happy and kinda derpy.

Day 2 – A picture of my dog bear. I call him my best buddy cause whenever I get home from work he just wants nothing more then to follow me around and be near me. It’s nice.

Day 1 – A selfie. Does it still count as a selfie if you don’t use your phone? I guess so, anyway this is what I look like when I turned 37.

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